Memories by Si Cliff

Producer and Sessions

Si has been involved in recording music since he first picked up a guitar, since then he has been slowly building up equipment and skills so much that in 2011 he recorded and produced an 11-track album of live instruments including a string sections, a choir, drum kits and much more. Since then he has opend up Sevenoaks Studios in South East London that has produced great recordings by other artists and bands.
Sevenoaks Studios provides a great atmosphere to record in a smaller laid back environment without the pressure and financial restrictions of a larger studio, but still come out with a professional sounding recording that will last.

This page gives you a taster of previous projects and what can be achived on a project. Including music for bands, solo artists, music libraries, documentaries, sampling companies and commercial music.

☞ To get in touch about rates, services or to chat about a project you have in mind contact Si at here - would be happy to hear from you!

Projects - Artists/Bands

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Commercial Music

Music for film, music libraries and companies

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Promotional for guitar sample library
1979 Gibson Les Paul Custom Silverburst

Documentary DVD Titles
Opening credits - orchestra theme

Jonah: The Journey
A four movement piece written for full orchestra


Equipment list - KRK, Focusrite, Steingberg, Waves, softtube, Rode, SE Eletronics, Fender, Ibanez, Roland, Yamaha